Archive of the 2019 Venice Biennale

Central Pavilion
Antoine Catala

Images courtesy of Venice Biennale. Photos by Francesco Galli.


Thank you for visiting Contemporary Art Group's archive of the 2019 edition of the Venice Biennale, May You Live In Interesting Times, curated by Ralph Rugoff.

What is this Archive?

As a supplement to the Biennale projects we choose to feature on Contemporary Art Daily, we created a more comprehensive archive of all the documentation we were able to gather of the Biennale. Our hope is that you can use this site to do your own research and form your own opinions about the entire exhibition. We've included the Arsenale and Central Pavilions, the two main venues where the giant curated exhibition May You Live In Interesting Times takes place, and also most of the national pavilions, which are listed under the names of their presenting countries.

What is Contemporary Art Group?

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